CCAP County Criminal Justic Unified Case Management System logoThe Unified Case Management System for county criminal justice agencies provides state-of-the-art technology services and solutions that unite criminal justice databases and agencies with the objectives of improving data management, creating efficiency and reducing costs.

Unify your data and streamline communications with our integrated criminal justice modules and programs. UCM delivers counties a secure, fully-managed solution that supports a mobile workforce and includes help desk services.

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Features and Value

  • Can be hosted internally by a county or in a shared resource environment
  • National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) compliant
  • Provides the ability to take forms offline on mobile devices for remote entry and scheduled synchronization
  • Wizard driven reporting for business, non-technical users
  • Tool/technology can be internalized in the county and expanded into other departments/areas
  • Facilitates communication with low-risk offenders via external facing web-based communication modules.
  • Facilitates surveys and assessments to assist with classification and risk assessments.
  • Built-In functionality to exchange data with other systems
  • An option to have the applications hosted by a CCAP trusted private cloud
  • The ability to implement a product (Microsoft Dynamics CRM) that can be used by the county technology department to develop other non-criminal justice applications. This gives the county an option for less expensive and more controllable software development.
  • Statewide efforts to share data between participating counties.
  • UCM can be accessed on smartphones or tablet devices with access to the Internet.


 We currently have 27 Counties Utilizing at least one of the UCM programs!

Adult Probation

An innovative and comprehensive unified web-based probation data management system designed to assist the court systems and probation officers in streamlining workflow processes and to operate more efficiently.  This module features core components like the ability to create dashboards for monthly tracking, offender assessment integration and produce letters for appointments, facesheets and DUI classes

Adult Probation Kiosk

The Adult Probation Kiosk digitally transforms the way offenders and probation officers connect and communicate. This technology manages busy lobbies and waiting areas, assists probation officers with time management and heavy workflow, and allows for the reallocation of resources to reduce costs, improve productivity and create efficiency.

Court Appearance Notifications

Our customizable notification program provides county officials and administrators integrated solutions to reduce failure to appear warrants and increase court appearances while simultaneously delivering significant cost savings to your county. Counties has the ability to send SMS and email notifications to reminder offenders of upcoming court proceedings

District Attorney

An innovative and comprehensive unified web-based probation data management system designed to assist District Attorney officers in streamlining workflow processes and to operate more efficiently. This includes docket, charge, and proceeding feeds from MJS and CPCMS, Electronic filing of criminal information, and creation of multiple subpoenas

Jail & Correctional Facilities

Our web-based offender data management system designed for county jails and prisons assists in streamlining workflow processes as well as integration with other UCM and CJ program modules.  This module features record management for temporary releases, commissary integrations, visitation tracking and management, victim witness notification integrations and much more.

Offender Web Portal

A web based program offering probation and pre-trial departments the ability to supervise low risk offenders and manage large caseloads by giving offenders the ability to complete an online check in, submit travel passes electronically, and message back and forth to their supervising officer

PreTrial Module

The pre-trial module allows departments to collect, track, and monitor offender case information throughout the entire pre-trial process. Court case event messaging that contains offender, docket, and charge information are some of the features included with this module. In addition, this module allows for the generation of documents, offender assessments, and interview questionnaires

Public Defender

The Public Defender module gives departments the ability to track and record all case information with a simple search. This module allows for customizable dashboards that can include upcoming proceedings, attorney caseloads, tracking of motions filed, and conflicts in cases.