CCAP Technology Services logoThe CORE Membership program is designed to offer a wealth of technology and cybersecurity products, services and resources while simultaneously delivering exceptional value and assisting in the technological advancement of your county.


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30 Counties Participate in the Technology CORE Program

Being a CORE member is a commitment for the advancement of technology services and cybersecurity. It's learning, growing and investing in the overall success of your county. A CORE membership is invaluable opportunity to collaborate, exchange and share ideas among other IT professionals (county, state) as well as to receive vital educational tools and resources to stay abreast in the ever-changing world of technology and cybersecurity. The CORE program is a mutual partnership to expand knowledge and drive technology and cybersecurity initiatives. The CCAP Technology Services team is dedicated to ensuring the program is designed to support and advocate for the best practices in technology and cybersecurity for your county.

Program Benefits and Goals

Program Benefits

Advanced Cofense support services, including assistance with setting up county specific phishing exercises.

Provide contract reviews to help counties bridge industry standard languge to help protect them from poor contracts engagement.
Assist counties with developing a cyber security awareness program for county staff and citizens. Including the creation of email messages, posters, website messages, and more.

Conduct in-person and virtual assessments of the counties current overall information technology and cybersecurity posture against industry standards and best practices.  

Provide counties with the tools and resources to conduct a self-internal assessment against industry best practices.

Provide the opportunity for county IT leaders to learn from the experience and knowledge of IT leaders with government sector experience. 

Our one-on-one meetings help us to better assist our counties in their needs as technology changes.
Quarterly meetings which provide county IT Leaders with the opportunity to network and collaborate with their peers, technology partners, cyber security leaders, state and national government leaders, and much more. 

Conduct regular training sessions and webinars from government and industry experts on a wide range of information technology and cybersecurity topics. 

Downloadable templates of information technology policies and job descriptions, with additional templates in the works. Providing a starting point when developing and updating documentation saving time and energy. 

Through an automated tool, CCAP will scan your website, analyze the results and provide a high-level report of the findings.


Program Goals

Provide counties with the current cybersecurity threat and prevention information, to allow counties to collaborate with one another and implement protective measures.

Provide counties with current and new information technology trends and best practices. Allowing counties to stay up-to-date with what is happening in the technology industry, what state and federal partners have planned, and what our other partners are doing. 

Facilitate and manage county and partner networking and collaboration events, meetings, and much more.